Net-Zero Right Now

Democratizing Carbon Capture

Kiribex is a platform for everyone to Sell, Exchange, and Claim the rights earned by carbon storage anywhere in the world!

Kiribex was founded to solve the critical need to validate and track the $10 billion carbon storage market. We are the only global carbon trading platform powered and secured by blockchain that has transparency as its primary goal.

Our focus on carbon storage is revolutionary and our technology, augmented by its considerably lower transaction cost, will be extremely disruptive.

Kiribex provides a global, transparent, trusted, and affordable trading platform focused exclusively on CO2 storage. Our proprietary commoditization methodology both validates the carbon stored and lowers the cost of carbon storage trading.

Value Creation

Collateral Benefits

  • Kiribex will make it easy for consumers to provably reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Kiribex will supply the means to make net-zero products ubiquitous.

  • Kiribex enables companies to reduce their carbon emissions to zero in a much faster, more credible, transparent, and cheaper fashion.

  • Kiribex enables the creation of profitable carbon storage companies without reliance on governmental or third-party carbon credit issuance.

  • Kiribex de-risks investments into carbon storage projects by creating a global, stable price, thereby reducing investor uncertainty.

Introducing the Kiribex Standardized Ton (KiST)

Current markets treat carbon storage companies unfairly by lumping their products together with carbon offsets. Carbon storage companies are one of the fastest growing segments combating climate change today and have no straightforward way to monetize their efforts at a reasonable price.

Kiribex issues tokens specific to carbon storage (KiST) and provide the means to monetize them.

The Kiribex Marketplace Solution

Kiribex improves how carbon credits are issued and traded. It focuses exclusively on carbon storage carbon credits and it’s setting up a blockchain-powered earning/validation system and trading platform. We greatly reduce the risk that fraud, changing standards, or changing political climates could affect the carbon credits issued on its platform; this makes those credits valuable to us.

Carbon storage companies are suffering from market frictions – in particular, high transaction fees.

Kiribex minimizes or ends these frictions and make these companies more profitable.